2nd Annual Community College Data Science Conference

Co-Sponsored By

Data Science Undergraduate Studies at UC Berkeley

Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)

Collaborating Campuses

Anne Arundel Community College Student Govt. Association

El Camino College Associated Students Organization

City College of San Francisco

Chesapeake College Student Govt. Association

Santa Barbara City College

Skyline College

πŸ—“ Date & Time:

Saturday May 14th
10am-2pm PDT | 1pm-5pm EDT

Free Event!

What is Data Science?

This conference has answers to this question and so much more. If you have heard about data science, but aren't sure what it is or how it applies to you then this is the place for you.

Level-Up Your Academic & Career Goals

How can data science help you achieve your goals? Learn from data science experts in industry and academia as well as former community college transfer students.

Find New Data-Driven Opportunities

Boost your Linkedin skills while learning about the latest tools and technologies from industry experts. Learn how to create eye-catching data visualizations with no code required. Hear from transfer students about how to successfully navigate the transfer process plus how to secure internships and more.

Free Event!

πŸŽ™ = Panel Discussion
πŸ“Š = Presentation
πŸ›  = Workshop

2022 Conference Schedule:

(Keynote Speaker) 10:00-10:40am PDT | 1:00-1:40pm EDT

Dr. Orville Jackson

Vice President Data Strategy, GreatSchools

Dr. Orville Jackson is a first-generation college graduate, earning his A.A. from Cypress College. While taking his first statistics class, the professor asked him to tutor for it. He loved it. After transferring to UC Berkeley, he majored in Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience, where he earned a B.A., and later a Ph.D. from Harvard. As the Vice President of Data Strategy he leads the organization’s data initiatives to help all families access a quality education and improve student outcomes across the country. He has been using his leadership, strategy, research, and analytic skills for over 15 years to increase educational achievement and close opportunity gaps affecting students of color and students living in poverty. He likes reading and watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy and lives in Berkeley, California with his partner, 2 children, a puppy, and a turtle.

(Session A) 10:45-11:30am PDT | 1:45-2:30pm EDT

πŸŽ™ The Many Pathways to a Data Science Career

Not sure what data science is all about? Whether you're a biology or computer science major, this panel discusses the interdisciplinary paths to an exciting career in data science.

Karla Palos Castellanos

Data Scientist, California Policy Lab

Dr. Teon Brooks

VP of R&D, StateSpace Labs

Cindy Pino

Bioinformatics Programmer, UCSF

πŸ“Š Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Data and Life

This scholarly presentation dives into the question: what is good thinking, and how do we get better at it? A major pitfall of data analysis (and thinking in general) comes from confirmation bias. This is known in data science as β€œp-hacking”. Learn some of the best practices for combating bias in your data-driven work along with how to become a better thinker overall!

Dr. Emlen Metz

Postdoc Scholar, UC Berkeley

πŸŽ™ Tech Ethics:
The Societal Implications of Our Technological Revolution

Explore the connections between technology and the world around us. The discussion will focus on important issues like data privacy, bias, and the monetization of our personal info by tech companies.

Emily LaRosa

PhD Researcher (Philosophy of Technology), UCSD

Dr. Casey Fiesler

Professor of Information Science, University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Ari Edmundson

Human Context and Ethics Coordinator, UC Berkeley

(Session B) 11:30am-12:15pm PDT | 2:30-3:15pm EDT

πŸŽ™ Business Data:
Understanding How Data Can Revolutionize Companies

From the gig economy to Google, this panel explores how different industries are adopting data-driven practices and how data can be used to deliver new insights and value to a variety of business applications.

Alberto Melgoza

Product Manager, Google Area 120

Alicia Wei

Senior Data Scientist, Instacart

Dr. Stefanie Tignor

Head of Data Science and Insights, Humu.com

πŸŽ™ Data Storytelling:
What Does Your Data Have To Say? How Do You Say It?

A key skill for any data scientist is communicating your results. Data is meaningless without a clear message. This panel unpacks how to skillfully interpret your data and communicate it to your target audience for maximum impact.

Dr. Sara Stoudt

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Bucknell University

Tony Lai

Data Science Manager, LinkedIn

Dr. Jeff Leek

Chief Data Officer & Prof. of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins

πŸ“Š Space Data: Explore the Data Beyond this World

From satellites to galaxies, voyage beyond Earth to analyze the unique challenges and opportunities associated with collecting and analyzing space data. What does data from NASA's earth-observing satellites look like, who can use it, and what questions can it answer.

Jason Kang

Data Engineer, NASA JPL

Jean-Lucien Gionet

Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman

(Session C) 12:15-1:00pm PDT | 3:15-4:00pm EDT

πŸŽ™ Artificial Intelligence:
What Our Future Holds

This interdisciplinary panel discusses the technological and ethical consequences of artificial intelligence. What does AI look like today? What will it look like in 10 years? How will artificial intelligence transform daily life and the workplace, and what challenges await us?

Jess Smith

PhD Candidate (AI Ethics), University of Colorado Boulder

Dylan Baker

Research Engineer, Distributed AI Research Institute

Dr. Jacob Sparks

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Cal Poly SLO

πŸ›  Building Data Viz's:
From Finding Data to Designing Visualizations

Learn how to go from zero to awesome data visualizations! No coding skills required. This presentation introduces students to Tableau, a popular "no code" data visualization tool widely used in industry. A real-life dataset of all satellites currently orbiting Earth will be used during the live demonstration!

Stephanie Labou

Data Science Librarian, UCSD

πŸ“ŠLeveraging LinkedIn:
Building Your Brand

LinkedIn is a crucial tool to developing your professional network while finding new opportunities. This panel goes beyond the nuts and bolts of setting up your LinkedIn profile and discusses how to build your digital brand to help you stand-out and land valuable internships, professional events, etc!

This presentation is sponsored by:
Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)

Rebecca Anderson

Senior Director of Career Development - UC Berkeley Graduate School of Information

Virtual Expo Floor
1:00pm-2:00pm PDT | 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

🀝 Expo Floor - Meet Your Student Leaders

We're excited to feature Zoom's new virtual "Expo Floor" at the conference! This is your chance to meet and network with the student leadership at your campus who helped organize this event! Share your thoughts and concerns, learn about other exciting events opportunities happening at your local campus, and find new ways to get involved!Faculty from campuses offering data science courses will also be in attendance!

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Who We Are

This is an entirely student-led project organized by a team of current and former community college students. We are passionate about data science as well as sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities with our peers. With this conference, we hope to introduce students at the start of their academic journeys to the vast array of exciting opportunities waiting for us in our data-driven future.

Student Leadership Team

Topher A.

SMC/El Camino ⏩ Yale

Planning & Operations

Kseniya U.

Berkeley City College ⏩ UC Berkeley

Planning & Operations

Noe S.

El Camino College ⏩ Northrop Grumman

Technical Operations

Moises S.

El Camino College

Technical Operations

Maria P.

Anne Arundel CC ⏩ UMGC

Institutional Outreach

Katheryne L.

Anne Arundel CC ⏩ UMBC

Content Development

Ryan K.

Anne Arundel CC ⏩ UMD

Institutional Outreach

Ben N.

Anne Arundel CC ⏩ BYU-I

Institutional Outreach

Koby T.

El Camino College ⏩ UC Berkeley

Student Govt. Outreach

Alex T.

Chesapeake College

Institutional Outreach

Stephen K.

Reedley College

SSCCC Outreach

David P.

Anne Arundel CC

PTK Outreach

Harley L.

Butte College

Discussion Host

Anton B.

Laney College ⏩ UC Berkeley

Discussion Host

Sandra A.

Cerritos College

Institutional Outreach

πŸ—“ Date & Time:

Saturday May 14th
10am-2pm PDT | 1pm-5pm EDT

Free Event!

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2nd Annual Community College Data Science Conference